Biz Audit Series: Tame Your Tools

Tame Your Tools

Welcome to Part 3 of my Biz Audit Series:

Tame Your Tools 

Quick recap: 

In Part 1 Get Your Inbox in-Check, I had you go through your email list and weed through all your emails.  I had included an email folder outline so you could sort through your current emails and put them in strategically named folders.  This way you can be more efficient and purposeful in your email process.

Part 2: Declutter Your Downloads, I guided you in sorting through all of those digital goodies that you had received through opt-ins or content upgrades.  I mean, what good are they to you if you can’t get to them to use?

Now we are on to Part 3: Tame Your Tools.  In this post, we are going to go through all those apps and tools that you have signed up for.  See if you are using these tools and if they are actually helping your blog/biz.

When you first started blogging, were you intrigued by all of the different blogging tools out there that were advertised to save you time?  I know I was…

I mean, come on, the idea of saving time can be a real incentive.    

You may have gone in and signed up for tools because your peers or blogging mentors have recommended them.  When I first started out, I was looking for any suggestions on what will help me on my blogging journey. It turns out, I just started getting a lot of spam email and realized too late, I had been paying $10 a month for tools that I wasn’t even using.  It may have been because I never took the time to learn how to use it. Or, I didn’t remember that I signed up for it because I did it was on a whim.  All I know is, I didn’t want to keep paying for a tool that I wasn’t using.  That is just bananas.  

I mean, I must have signed up for EVERY tool and app that I came across because I saw someone else promoting it.  I was hoping it would be the magic wand granting more time or success.  Guess what, no such luck…

{I’ve since learned that I may be a tad bit susceptible to advertising…..}

Now I know that most of the bloggers that I love only recommend tools they use on a day to day basis and will even have videos showing how they utilize each tool.  After my hard look at what I’d signed up for, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t sign up for a tool because someone in one of my Facebook groups recommends unless I trust them and can see how they use it.  Since you don’t know them well enough, you may not know if they are only promoting that tool to get an affiliate commission.

Now, I want to help you Tame Your Tools and get you in a position to where you have signed up only for the tools that you need and will utilize.

Let’s get started.

Tame Your Tools

Tool Audit:

First off, if you did the email audit, then you should have a good idea of what tools that you are signed up for.  Make a list of those tools here and then go to each of their sites. When you’ve signed in, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is this tool useful for me and my business?
  • Is it saving time?
  • If it’s not free, is it worth paying money?

If you answered yes to these questions, then bookmark the tool’s site for later use.  Do this on each tool’s website.

Track Your Tools:

Jot down a list of your tools along with usernames and passwords so that you have the visual to remind you to utilize the tool.  I have included this tool tracker so that you can copy the link to the tool site and document your username and password for each site. Bookmark or print this tracker so that it is within easy reach.

Cancellations of Unused Tools:

Now, when you go to these sites, and question why you signed up for it in the first place, time to cancel.  Or, if you answered no to any of those questions above, you will want to cancel your subscription and unsubscribe to their emails.  Then, you can start looking for alternatives. Trust me; there are plenty of tools out there that are similar and have free options.  Bonus!

Check out this tool checklist to see what other options are out there.

Utilization of Tools:

If you are signed up for a scheduling type tool, then get to scheduling.  You can use previous posts that you have already done on your website, start filling up the time slots to get traffic to your site.  

Signed up for a headline analyzer? Start analyzing your current headlines.  Play with the tools and see if there are any tweaks you can do to your current posts.  Spend about 15 minutes utilizing each tool.  I mean, the reason you signed up for them was to use them, right?! 

If you start using them and they just aren’t working for you, cancel your account and move on.  Nothing is keeping you tied to these tools if they don’t help.  Use only the tools that work for you and your business.  

That’s it for now!

In the end, there is no magic wand when it comes to finding success for your blog/business.  You need to put in the work and utilize the tools that are available to aid you in your ultimate goal.

Check out my 7 Totally Awesome Blogging Tools post to see which ones I use and highly recommend.
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