5 Times To Be a Kid With Your Kid

As a mother, I often take myself too seriously because I want to make sure that my son eats properly, goes to bed on time, doesn’t break any of our belongings and doesn’t break anything on himself when he is jumping off various pieces of furniture. Being a mom is hard and stressful, and if we aren’t careful, we can get lost in the frustration of it all.

I know for me, it is hard for me to let loose and just enjoy a moment, so I’ve started making a conscious effort to see the world through my son’s eyes, even if it is just for a little bit here and there. It is enlightening and enjoyable. Here are five instances where I have learned just to stop being so wound up and just to be with my son.

Fighting Pirates:

Last weekend my son was outside and all of a sudden he said, “Mommy, Let’s go find the pirates and get the treasure.” Normally, my son is perfectly happy going off and playing by himself, but on this day he asked me along on his adventure. I decided not to turn him down and just be part of it. So, I ran inside, filled one of his tin lunchboxes with “treasure” and we grabbed some swords, a.k.a sticks, and off we went to fight the pirates, a.k.a trees. It was so fun having him point to something and say “watch out for the sharks!” or “A pirate’s behind you!” and being a part of his world for a while. I seldom let myself use my imagination for fun anymore. I’m glad he invited me along.

Dancing like no one is watching:

As an adult, dancing is relegated for when you attend an event, like a wedding, work party, or anniversary party. Then dancing is somewhat reserved, slow dances or group dances (hustle, cupid shuffle, etc.), though you’re aware that others are watching you, so you keep it relatively calm and dignified. When I dance around with my son, there are no steps. It is stomping, twirling, waving around and shaking your booty without abandon. Talk about a calorie burner….

Anyway, if someone were to take video of our dancing, they would probably think I need medical attention. What can I say, it was incredible to see how much fun my little man was having and to be a part of it is even better.

Playing in the pool:

I hardly ever went to the pool simply because I just never made time for it. When I did go, my time was mainly spent sunbathing in a deck chair, or hanging out on the side of the pool chatting with friends.

This summer, I made sure to take my son to the neighborhood pool because he loves being in the water. Now that he is old enough, we decided to move him from the baby pool over to the big pool (with a floatie, of course) and I’ve learned how much I used to love being in a pool.

We spent hours splashing, jumping off the edge and giggling. It was so much fun and my son, and I sleep much better on those nights after going to the pool.

Going on the swings:

As an adult, I can’t say I’ve found myself on a playground often, let alone on a swing. When my husband and I take my son to the playground, he always wants to go on the swings. He loves them. Once he is going at a good pace, he insists that I sit down on the swing next to him and swing too.

I, having not been on a swing in years, was a little hesitant, but once I got going, I loved it. Going high then leaning back so you can only see the sky. It feels like flying! There is a freedom that you feel when you are going that fast and that high and it was most definitely not my last time on a swing.

Finding the beauty in the world around you:

It’s weird when you become an adult and lose sight of whats in front of you, but my son is still discovering the world around him. He will get so excited and say things like, “Mommy, look at all the pretty clouds!” or see a butterfly and say “Oh, he’s so cute!” It made me realize how much I don’t look around anymore. However, I have since learned that when I stop and take a minute to look at the world around me, I am taken out of my stress filled head, and I take a deep breath, and it makes me calmer at that moment then I might be all day.

It’s weird to say, but as much as being a mom stresses me out, when I let go and just be with my child, I feel the freest. It’s strange, but it’s true.

What are some activities you have enjoyed with you kids, that gave you a chance to be a kid yourself?

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61 thoughts on “5 Times To Be a Kid With Your Kid

  1. My daughter loves to play “store” and she gets SO excited when I play it with her. IN fact, my son runs into the playroom when he hears us and asks to join in. (and he is 8) All kids want is our attention and time and to PLAY with them. It is so simple but so important.. this post was a great reminder!

  2. I love this. My toddler is just now learning to do half of these things and I should be doing them with him. Thanks for the advice!

  3. Love these ideas! I agree, it’s hard for me to just be silly and act like a kid again. Probably the thing that has helped me do this with my daughter is when we get into doing crafts. I used to be obsessed with that kind of stuff as a kid, so when I can just kick back and relax while we do a craft or paint or draw, it helps me to enjoy life a little more!

  4. HA, the dancing!
    My 9 month old smiles and laughs at his mama dancing. I’m certain I look ridiculous, and I’m certain if my neighbors looked in the window, they’d be wondering if I was having a seizure or psychotic episode.
    When my daughter was little, she loved when I danced with her in my arms too. My son is a little harder to impress in that respect, but he does get a kick out of watching me at least.

  5. This is spot on! So important to be a kid with your kids occasionally. I did sidewalk chalk with mine recently, and they also love when we all play hide-n-seek in the dark.

  6. This is such a wonderful reminder of what is important! Having 4 boys ranging from 6-21, I can say the “play” changes but it is still there 🙂 Happy to share this for my family and friends who may need a reminder!

  7. This is great! It’s so easy to forget how simple it is to just play with the kids, and get caught up in adulting. I’d really like to focus more on playing a little more 🙂

  8. This is a very heartfelt post. It is so true when we let go of perfection, or momming to the most, we find freedom. My kids would enjoy playing pirates with yours. We have this thing, every time the paper towel roll goes empty, they fight over the tube. The tube is their pirate hand. It’s completely silly and fun. Bless your littles. Thanks for this feel good article.

  9. This is a great reminder to live in the moment with your children. As a mom who is clearly carrying her cellphone in her hand way too much, I plan on taking this weekend to step back from social media and do what is my job: BE A MOM.

  10. I don’t have kids but I certainly understand. It’s freeing when you decide to stop limiting yourself and to stop caring about any other thing in life and just focus on what your child wants to play. It’s an amazing feeling, one you can’t experience anywhere else.

  11. I love this post! My daughter likes when I play restaurant and dolls with her. I love playing with her because it reminds me of when I was her age and how I used to play with my older sister. I had such an imagination back then! If only my girls knew how much they actually teach ME about life. ❤️

  12. Yes! Love this! I actually played trains with my boys today. Normally, they are content to play by themselves,but they asked, and how can you refuse? We need to do more Dance parties too!

  13. Yes to all! My toddler and I are big fans of kitchen dance parties and playing princesses. I might get a little “too” into it! I also think it’s important to make messes with your kids. Then, show them how to clean up of course. But getting messy brings out the kid in you and the creativity in your kid. Great post!

  14. I love this reminder. I don’t have kids, but I am a primary teacher. I also take moments to do this with the children in my class. It is important

  15. I like coloring with my son and playing outdoor games. Soon we will teach him how to bike, it is not too late to be a kid- it’s fun!

  16. It is not awkward to be a kid again especially if you have a toddler around. I love playing with him and I can do that all day!

  17. I agree with Niesha, it is very easy to find your inner child, if you are surrounded by kids. I find very rarely other grown-ups really mind and will even play along, too. Love your ideas!

  18. Can I just say I love going on the swings, even as an adult it is just so relaxing and fun! I go back to being the kid when we are in a creek catching frogs and minnows and other fun bits and bobs!

  19. Having kids is like being a kid again, at least from time to time. That’s what I also realized when I had the twins. You have to learn how to let go and just play with them. It doesn’t make them happy, it’s also part of their memories when they grow up.

  20. WHat a beautiful post. I truly agree and one thing we moms forget is Time flies and our babies are kids no more. They dont even want to hang out with us as much. Motherhood id not so much hard as a lesson and challenge for us to see the world with youthful and innocent eyes , while guiding these precious people into awesome adults too!

  21. Great post, thanks for the reminder. I have found that when I take the time to play with my son it helps me realize just how amazing the little things are. As he loves discovering everything, it helps me see the world with the wonder and excitement he has.

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