5 Reasons Your Child Should Set Goals

Children are like sponges.  This is why you should show them the benefits of goal setting at a young age.  There are many benefits to learning how to make a list of goals and working towards them.

It gives them direction.

By having your child choose which goal they want to work towards, they are choosing what they want to work on.  This is important.  Letting your child choose, instead of somebody telling them what to choose, will show what your child has a passion in at the moment.

As the parent, you can suggest goals, but keep your child wants/needs in mind.  Don’t tell them a goal, offer up ideas, and let your child grow from there.

Say things like,

“I know you have started a new book, did you want to make finishing it by tonight, your goal?”

“I know you have been working really hard on trying to learn to ride your bike, did you want to give yourself a certain time frame in which to learn it?”

This gives your child the idea of what a goal looks like and they can choose if they want that to be their goal.

You can learn a lot about your child.

By asking what they want to achieve or work on, you are learning a lot about your child.  It can show you if they choose to shoot for the moon, or wish to perfect the small things.  Either way, your child is thinking about what they would like to accomplish and its good for you, as a parent, to see that.

It builds determination.

When your child sets a goal for themselves, they are generally wanting a certain outcome.  It is amazing to see how a young mind will go about trying to achieve the goal they have set.  It could teach you a couple things about how to go about achieving goals you have set in your life as well.

Also, since they are setting the goals themselves, they may be more determined to achieve it because it is what they came up with.

They learn humility.

Essentially, they may not accomplish every goal they have set for themselves.  They may become frustrated, but since goal setting is usually a competition with yourself, it’s a different loss than losing against another person.

Let your child know that, while they didn’t achieve their goal, they worked hard towards it.  Point out how far they have come and that they are a lot closer than they were when they started and they didn’t achieve it yet, they may just need more time to achieve it.

They learn what they can accomplish.

Once they set their goals and work towards them, they can see what they can accomplish.  Even if they don’t meet their goal, they can still see how much progress they have made.  Which can make them feel really good about themselves and want to set higher and more long term goals.

You child may look to you for guidance. It is important that you are encouraging and understanding. No goal is too big or small for them right now. You just want them to start working towards something and feeling the pride in themselves for what they accomplish.

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41 thoughts on “5 Reasons Your Child Should Set Goals

  1. I love this idea! I don’t have any kids yet, but when I do I will be doing this! I think people sometimes baby their kids too much. I fully believe that treating your kid like a mini-adult is an important part of their development, and setting goals is a perfect way to do that! Thanks for sharing this with us – your kids are lucky to have you as their mom 🙂

    1. I agree, there are people out there that baby their kids too much and I think there is a way to instill independence and determination with having them start setting goals and having them want to achieve things! Thank you for your kind words!!

    1. When I started potty training him at 2, we would say it was a goal to go potty every 30 minutes. Or not have an accident for an hour. Then it was his goal to go the whole day without an accident. That young, I did try and coach him and tell him what type of goal to have, but now that he is 3 1/2, I ask him what he wants his goals to be. They are silly little things, but he’s getting the hang of it. 🙂

  2. I agree 100% Children should be setting goals for themselves cause then it teaches them good goal habits as they grow into adulthood. Too many people now days don’t even set goals.

  3. I think this is a great idea. It helps them easily transition to setting goals as an adult. I want to do this when i have children

  4. I’m still kid-free, but I totally agree with the importance of setting goals. I love that you mentioned teaching children humility as well. Such an important but unfortunately under-valued skill!

  5. These are great points for child rearing. Our son is 2 and is just getting to the point that he’s understanding more abstract concepts. We’re also getting ready to start potty training, the perfect time to set a goal!

  6. I believe children and adults should set realistic goals because it makes it a little easier to accomplish the things you want to achieve

  7. We love to set goals in our house, our boy is autistic and our girl too little so they dont quite understand time frames yet but we are teaching them the sence of accomplishment and make pur own goals for them so one day they will understand. Great post 🙂

  8. I agree it is great for them to set goals. Especially since once they complete them it is a confidence booster and encourages them to accomplish more things.

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