10 Instagram Tips and Tricks

Navigating Instagram can seem tricky to those who don’t have much experience, but once you get the hang of it, it can be quite easy.  That is why I am here to offer 10 Instagram Tips and Tricks for Mastering Instagram.

Instagram is a visual social media platform.  It is a great place to network and gain traffic to your website.  There are a lot of benefits, so why shouldn’t you jump on board and reap some of those benefits?

Just remember, you only have a few seconds to catch someone’s eye, so you have to make sure what you post is aesthetically pleasing and/or informative.  I’m here to help you make your few seconds count!

I have done a lot of research and compiled a list of some of the best snippets of advice for using Instagram.  There is a lot of conflicting information out there, and I guess in reality, it is all just a bunch of trial and error to find what actually works for you and the rest doesn’t matter.

Instagram Tips

Instagram TipsInstagram TipsInstagram Tips


10 Instagram Tips and Tricks

  • Create a cohesive theme.  If your niche is cooking and your Instagram is filled with recipes and also pictures of cute animal memes, political satire, and other non-food related posts, it may seem confusing to your readers.  Your Instagram account is part of your business and it needs to be treated that way.  Fill your portfolio with what is cohesive within your niche.  Create another private account if necessary for the other stuff.
  • Grammar and spelling are important.  Since Instagram is part of your business, it needs to be professional and grammatically correct.  There isn’t a ton of writing associated with Instagram in general, adjusting the one or two lines of your post or comment shouldn’t be too hard to do.  Take a few minutes and make sure its all cleaned up before you post.
  • Post consistently.  There are a lot of followers out there who look forward to your next post.  Don’t let them down.  It doesn’t have to be something that takes forever to put together with long thought out comments, just post something that makes you happy and fits within your niche.  I use Buffer and queue up a bunch of posts; then Buffer lets me know when its time to post and I just press a few buttons and bam, done.  For instance, I am a mom blogger, and I also blog about my blogging journey, I find funny parenting memes I queue up to have posted 1-2 times a day.  I find that when I post consistently, I am less likely to have people unfollow me as long as I stick to my theme.  When I go a couple of days without posting, I lose a few followers and once I get back on track, I don’t lose more than 1 or 2 and may even gain a few.
  • Use Hashtags.  For bloggers who are trying to gain followers, you will want to find which hashtags pertain to your niche.  You will also want to tailor hashtags to what you think people will search for.  I keep a list of hashtags that I use for parenting specific posts and a list of hashtags for my blog specific posts.  For instance, I will use #momblogger #momlife #mom #toddlermom for those funny parenting memes.  For my blog posts about blogging, I will use #blog #bloglife #blogging #bloggoals.  Note: Don’t use hashtags like #likeforlike #followme, you run the risk of spammy activity along with a bunch of followers who may unfollow you the next day.
  • Promote your Instagram.  I do this using Facebook Groups, but you can use any social media platform or search engine to do this as well.  Promote anywhere you would promote your blog.  There are a lot of Facebook Groups out there.  Most will include a daily post allowing their member so post their Instagram account for others within their niche to follow or post an Instagram post to garner new attention.
  • Understand Follow for Follow.  Be mindful of the groups that have follow for follow boards.  While you will increase your followers, there are people out there that will unfollow you the next day.  The Facebook Group hosts make a note discouraging this, but it does still happen.  This can seem frustrating when you are trying to get to a certain number of followers.  Participate in those follow for follow groups with that in mind.  Also, don’t be one of those that UNfollowers unless there are posts that are inappropriate or against your beliefs.  Otherwise, what is the harm in continuing to follow them?
  • Update your profile.  Make sure you have a snappy profile snippet.  When people come across your profile and have the option to follow you, they will read the first 15-20 characters which will show up before the ellipses and people have to click on your profile to read the rest, which they won’t always do.  So make sure those first few words count.  I find when I look for people to follow, I look for profiles that include “mom blogger, blogger, or blogs about parenting…”.  This lets me know that they will likely post stuff that interests me.
  • Set Goals.  Setting goals is a good thing to do in general.  Setting goals will help you to see where you want to be with your Instagram account.  Writing goals down will help keep that goal in the forefront of your mind, which makes it more likely to be achieved.  Set a goal to post once a day, or set a goal to gain 100 followers a week.  No matter how small or large the goal is, set it and challenge yourself to achieve it.  I dare ya!
  • Quality counts.  Make sure that the pictures you post are not blurry or dark.  If someone can’t see it or make out the image, they are going just to scroll right past.  You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of a new audience, make a good impression.
  • Include your website in your post. When promoting on Instagram, ensure that your post includes your website.  It can be included in the image itself or the comments.  This allows people easy access to your site.

There you have it!  10 Instagram Tips and Tricks to help you navigate through Instagram a little easier.  Make sure that you are interactive on your account as well.  If you want followers, likes and comments, lead by example.

What are some of your best Instagram Tips or Tricks that others would find helpful?

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14 thoughts on “10 Instagram Tips and Tricks

  1. This was actually incredibly helpful!! I have just started taking Instagram seriously to promote my blog, and I’ve been finding some great success, but wonder sometimes if I’m doing everything with the correct etiquette. This post let me know that one) I’m a natural social media genius as I’m doing most of this, but no seriously it communicates that I’m on the right track. Very relieving! 😉 and two) that it’s okay to post my website on each post…I sometimes wonder if that’s taking it a bit too far, and so I only do it every once and awhile.

    And good to know about like for like and the sorts!!

  2. Loved this! I’ve been working on growing my Instagram so these tips are super helpful. I’ve been trying really hard to work on better hashtags and I updated my profile.

  3. Very Good tips! I need to be more consistent & I’m glad you did to put your website somewhere- I know it’s not clickable but I feel like if someone sees something they like- they will copy that link and check it out themselves!!!

  4. I saw your blog on the Grow Your Blog Facebook group and had to come by and look around. Thanks for these tips. I need to be more consistent on there – thanks for the reminder. 🙂


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