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5 Ways To Make The Most of Your Content

5 Ways To Make The Most of Your Content

Creating your blog content, it is so important and if done correctly can get you an enormous amount of traffic.  I think it is every blogger’s dream to have evergreen content, which is content that is always relevant.  This will ensure that no matter the time of year or day you publish, it will be on topic.  Bloggers want to have content that will attract the right kind of traffic to their blog.  That is why I have gathered a list of the 5 ways to make the most of your content when you are creating blog posts.

When I began writing blog posts, I had to get it all done right then.  I will spend 4-5 hours glued to my laptop.  I will create the blog content, add links, and create the graphic.  Then I will plan the social media posts, and get the SEO just right.  Then when I realize that it is time to write another post and I’d stress out thinking about how it takes me those 4-5 hours.  I would analyze if I had the time to spend to get the post completed right then.

Well, now that I have been doing this a while, I’ve realized that you don’t have to do it all in one sitting.  I am still just as excited once I get a post idea, but I’ve learned to schedule, downloaded tools and I’ve created templates, so it’s not so time-consuming or stressful as it once was.

Blogging doesn’t have to be stressful.  It is a great way to make money and an excellent way to share your ideas with others.  However, unlike a regular 9-5 job, you are the boss, and you can make the decisions on what/when/where/how you do your work.

If you want to put your best foot forward when you hit publish, take a look at these 5 ways to make the most of your content.

Creating the right content

Make sure that you are staying true to your brand when coming up with new content.  If you have steady viewership, then there are certain things that your viewers expect from you.  You want them to keep coming back and for them to find consistency with your blog.

Utilize tools on your blog that will increase the readability of your posts.  I love Yoast SEO.  It lets me know when my SEO and readability for my posts are up to par and informs me of how I can improve them before hitting “publish.”

Grammarly is a great tool to ensure that the content you are writing has correct spellings and is grammatically correct.  I know that many people like to write as if they were having a conversation with someone and sometimes it isn’t always grammatically correct, that’s totally fine.  I love reading posts from those bloggers who I feel are talking to me.

At the same time, though, you can ensure that what you are writing will make sense to those who are reading it.  When I was typing up this post, I had 12 errors in the first 3 paragraphs.  It turns out I use the word “actually” a lot and reminds me of other words I overuse so that I can delete it or use a different word.  When I write, I want to sound like I know what I’m talking about, but I also want to keep the conversational aspect as well.

Also, since I’ve installed Grammarly on my computer, it not only helps me with my blog posts but whatever I’m writing.  It comes up when I’m writing social media posts, emails, school work and when I’m commenting.  It is such a helpful tool.  You guys should check it out.

Plan Ahead

I use CoSchedule to schedule out most of my content.  Mainly because I love the headline analyzer and the alert emails, I get when something is coming due.  When I think of an excellent blog post idea, I add it to my calendar in CoSchedule.  Currently, I have the next couple months of ideas planned out, and it is such a relief.  On top of CoSchedule, I also have a physical planner that fits in my purse.   I like to cross things off my lists physically, it gives me a sense of accomplishment.  Also, when I’m out and about, I can read ahead and create outlines for the posts.

Content Upgrades

Stuck trying to create new content?  Maybe it’s time you look at some of your old posts and give them a little facelift.  See if those old posts would benefit from adding a download such as a checklist or other type of freebie.  This can bring new life to a post that may have fallen flat in the past.  Maybe change up the outline of it, change the photos or add headlines that would better grab a readers attention.


When you have an idea for a blog post, test the waters to see if it would be something your readers would find interesting.  Send an email survey so that you can get feedback from your subscribers.  You can also post a survey in a Facebook Group.  Also, it ‘s nice to see if there have been a lot of recent blog posts lately on the same subject.  You don’t want your content getting lost in the crowd.  If you find that there is too much similar content on the topic, see what you can add to make it stand out above the others.  Maybe you would benefit more by adding a freebie or creating an email course.


Once you have created your masterpiece, you don’t want it to go unseen.  Promote that precious jewel that you’ve just spent your valuable time building.  There are so many social media platforms where you can get the word out there about your posts.  I post in at least 5 Facebook Groups a day.  A majority of my viewers come from the groups, and I am so thankful for those participants.

Well, there you have it.  5 ways to make the most of your content.  I know how much time and effort is put into creating a blog post and it is so disappointing when it doesn’t get the attention you feel it deserves.  Go back and tweak an old post or put these ideas into play when creating a new post, it’s not too late.

What are some of the best pieces of advice you’ve received when it comes to creating content?


7 Totally Awesome Blogging Tools

7 Totally Awesome Blogging Tools

I can’t tell you how much I love blogging, but even more, I love tools that help my blogging life easier.  I love planning, scheduling and automating so that I can breathe easier when life gets in the way.  That is why I like the fact that there are so many blogging tools out there.

I have tried so many blogging tools and have had a great amount of luck with some and little to no luck with others.  Some were super easy to navigate and were user-friendly, whereas others, not so much.  When I look at blogging tools, I don’t always look for easy; that helps, but I look at what the tool will do for me.  I want to know that I am investing my time and sometimes money on something that benefits me and gets me the best results.

That is probably the best advice I can give any blogger.  Utilize free trials and gauge how each tool helps traffic or followers and then invest in those that work.  There are some tools that you may have to invest in, but that are completely worth it, for me, that is CoSchedule and Tailwind.  Others are free and help me immensely, such as Buffer and Mailchimp.  There are just so many tools out there, and I would say to take your time to find what works for you.

BlueHost is what I used to create my blog.  The tips and customer service through BlueHost are fantastic.  Their online chat service is so helpful when I was first starting out; when I would have issues with blog 404 errors or is not accessible, and I would want to give up, but within 5 minutes, they would have it back up.  I have never experienced such excellent service as I did with them.  For those wanting to start a blog, I can’t recommend them enough.  It also doesn’t hurt that they are so reasonably priced.

Canva is what I use to create my blog graphics or social media graphics.  They are easy to use and have such great free templates.  I always upload stock photos so that I can then add my titles and other text as necessary.  I know that there are a lot of other tools to create graphics, but Canva has been the one that has worked best for me.

Ivory Mix is a great site for stock photos.  Kayla’s photos are so amazing and are featured a lot on my blog.  She has plenty of photo options to appeal to any blogger.  By just subscribing, you can get free monthly photos delivered to your inbox or sign up for a $10 monthly membership and have access to her 300+ stock photos.  You can’t lose.

MailChimp was a great resource in regards to setting up email lists and sending/tracking emails to your subscribers.  I was intimidated with the whole emailing thing.  I have been saying for months that I was going to start emailing my subscribers, but have always put it on the back burner, and it has simply not happened, until yesterday.  Finally, I bit the bullet and sent out my first email to my subscribers, and it was so much easier than I though.

Tailwind is a great tool for automating your pins on Pinterest.  Pinterest can suck you in….hard, and before you know it 3 hours has passed, and you’ve forgotten to do the laundry, or realize it’s almost midnight and your little one will be waking you up in 5 hours.  Tailwind is a great way to spend 20 minutes and quickly gather pins and set up automation for the next week.  If you go to Tailwind through my link, you will get a free month!  Also, join my Tailwind Tribe Help A Blogger Out and increase your reach with fellow bloggers.

CoSchedule is great for scheduling content.  You can also schedule social media posts and there is also a headline analyzer.  The headline analyzer is so helpful.  I will play with words until I get the highest score for the title for my blog post.  It almost is like a game, just by changing one or two words, the score can increase by 15 or 20 points making your headline more appealing.  It is probably my favorite thing about CoSchedule.

Buffer is a great tool for scheduling out your social media posts.  I still have the free account so I am limited on how much I can add to my queue.  It beats not posting anything or posting inconsistently.  Having this tool is extremely helpful and easy to use.  I have the app on my phone as well so I don’t have to be on my computer to add to my queue like I do with Tailwind or CoSchedule, which I like as well.
Finding what works for your blog depends on you.  Blogging tools that work for my blog may not work for yours and there is nothing wrong with that.  I have tried several tools and some didn’t work, and some did.  That is why I love free trials.  Most of these apps offer that, which makes trying them a no brainer.  Let me know what works for you or what didn’t.  Any feedback is helpful!
10 Great Blogs for Free Printables, Ecourses, and Webinars

10 Great Blogs for Free Printables, Ecourses, and Webinars

10 Great Blogs for free printables, e-courses, webinars and other resources to help you improve your blog…..

Did you say free????

I love free stuff, I mean, who doesn’t?! I am continually subscribing to fellow bloggers, joining email courses and downloading freebies. My inbox is filled to the gills with every possible guide, worksheet, checklist, email course, and webinar I could ever need to improve my blog and make it successful. The problem is, I have signed up for so many, that I haven’t had a chance even to look through half of them.

Last weekend I managed to sort everything into folders at least and then a couple of days later when I decided to start going through those folders, my inbox was packed again. At this point, I just want to select all and delete, but I know there is way too much valuable information to every just discard it all.

I created a list of goals for myself for this month to improve my blog. I think that the best way to do that is to dive into my sea of information that is my inbox and dig through it all to find the gold. I have written down the best blog sites in my inbox to provide me with all the information I could ever need to improve my blog.

I am providing this list to you guys so that you can go through it and see if any of these sources will work for you. These blogs offer a ton of free printables, e-courses, and will constantly be updating you about free webinars. All of this information is important, and you should take advantage of the wisdom of these fellow bloggers to grab some of that success for yourself!


  1. Uncork Your Dork – Terra Dawn

  • I love this blog! There are so many 30 day challenges, and ever since I first started seeing them a couple of months ago, I have signed up for every one of them. The ones in my inbox are Talk Wordy To Me, 31 Days of Digital Downloads and S.E.O.M G just started a few days ago and I am signed up for that as well. I know that I don’t have the time to complete each challenge right now, but they are saved in my inbox so I can go back and refer to them when I can.
  • On Terra’s blog itself, there are plenty more resources and helpful posts to improve your blog and gain success. It is one to check out, and while some of these challenges are over, they will come around again, not to mention there are more challenges to come.

2. Melyssa Griffin

  • She is a genius! I did pay for her Pinterest class bundle which included a couple of e-courses and printables, but when you sign up on her site, there are plenty of free checklists, workbooks, ebooks and not to mention some free webinars that she emails out! There is just so much helpful information that I can’t wait to start working on it.

3.Trunked Creative

  • On this site, I signed up for the Content Empire Academy, which is free, and it includes downloads and e-courses which are super helpful in building Facebook groups and improving content. I haven’t been able to spend too much time perusing this site, but the emails I have gotten so far are extremely helpful and fun to read.

4.Caitlin Bacher

  • She is the guru when it comes to Facebook Groups. Her blog posts are full of useful information, not to mention the checklists and workbooks she has available on her site which can help with Facebook Groups and Instagram. I also love her emails! She has a great presence in her emails that make me want to open them as soon as they hit my inbox. I have not bitten the bullet to purchase her Fab Facebook Groups course, but I just don’t think I am ready to take that on yet when I haven’t even tackled the free courses.

5. Addi Ganley

  • She has a lot of great information on her blog regarding affiliate income and marketing. Her Affiliate Blueprint e-course is free as well as printables in her resources library.

6. Wonderlass

  • Allison has a ton of information on her blog. I love clicking through and seeing everything that she has to offer. Free courses, resource library, workshops, stock photos, etc. Her sense of humor is so infectious and makes it feel like every reader of her blog is her best friend.

7. Naptime Hustle

  • I love this site and her Facebook Group. Naptime Nation was probably the first Facebook Group I have joined, and I love participating in her daily posts. She has a ton of information regarding Instagram, Pinterest, Starting and blog, and other social media tips. Not to mention, as I was visiting her site to create my blog post, I saw her 7 Days to a Better Blog e-course and signed up. I think I have a problem.

8. Twins Mommy – Elna Caine

  • Elna has a bunch of great blogs regarding being more productive and driving traffic to your blog. She has a fantastic free resource library as well.

9. Allison Lindstrom

  • Allison has a ton of information on creating blog posts and making it profitable. She has workbooks, e-courses, and webinars. Super useful blog for new and veteran bloggers alike!

10. Women Winning Online

  • This blog is all about empowering women to find their tribe online.  The posts are so informative and helpful, working in a time frame that I can handle, like improving your blog in 7 minutes a day.  I mean, who doesn’t have time for that?!

These are 10 badass women who are here to help in all aspects of your blogging needs to help other succeed.  That rocks!  I know that there are a ton more out there, these are just ones that have made the biggest impact for me at this point in my blogging journey.  I have subscribed to a ton of other fellow bloggers and I love the information that they can provide.

If you have a great source for me, please drop a link below so I can check it out!