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10 Blogging Goals: December

10 Blogging Goals: December

10 Blogging Goals: December

Now that we have moved into December, the last month of the year, holy cow, where did the time go?!  Anyway, I enjoyed my challenge that I created for myself last month with my 15 Blogging Goal: November post.  Call me crazy, but I decided to try again and create 10 blogging goals for December.  I am doing this because it helped me keep my blog in the forefront of my mind, rather than a hobby to work on when I have time.  It was more than I have done since launching my blog.  I made the mindful choice last month to spend as much time as I could on my blog.  It was a lot of work, but I enjoyed it.

I was a little overzealous in creating my goals for November.  I made too many and wasn’t able to achieve all of them.  There were just too many things that I wanted to work on, and I wanted to get started on all of them.  For me, when I get an idea, I have to start working on it right then and there.  By doing this, I tend to get in a little over my head.  I also just wanted to see what I could do in a month.  I ended up only achieving roughly 9 of the 15 goals.  You can see the breakdown of my results here.


So, for December, I decided to narrow down my focus a little more.  I want to keep going with the goals that did work for me in November but also add a couple of new goals.

December Goals:

  1. One post per week: I am going to attempt this again.  I did do four blog posts for November, but they were posted more than 10 days apart rather than once a week.  This month, I am going to strive to have new posts every Monday.
  2. Post to 5 Facebook Groups Daily:  I was able to do this in November, and this is where I get almost all my traffic, so I will continue to do this.  I am going to look back at my Facebook Group Trackers from November and see which groups had the best results for my blog and social media platforms.  This will help me plan out in what groups I will post during December.  Some groups had a lot of follow/unfollow activity, which is no fault of the group itself.  It happens, it stinks, but it happens.
  3. Utilize Buffer: I will continue to keep my buffer queue filled so that there will be constant activity on my social media platforms.  This didn’t require much work on my part, but it did help in gaining followers and blog traffic.
  4. Utilize Coschedule: I will continue to plan my blog posts and social media posts through Coschedule.  It is super helpful with the headline analyzer and helps keep track of when what was posted and to where.

Pinterest and my email list are my two main focuses for December.  By improving my Pinterest, I am hoping to gain traffic and subscribers.  My final six goals will focus on these two main areas.

5. Join 10 Pinterest Groups: I didn’t have much success with joining groups in November.  I emailed hosts asking to join, but a lot of them didn’t get back to me.  I will continue to try.

6. Pinterest e-courses/webinars: I think I have 4 or 5 e-courses and webinars in my inbox regarding Pinterest.  I will complete these courses and utilize them to create a more successful Pinterest account.

7. Content Upgrades: I will do content upgrades on at least 3 of my old posts.

8. Mailchimp: I will create new emails to send to subscribers regarding my posts each week.

9. Newsletter: Since I have yet to create a newsletter I will work on with this month for January.  I don’t think I will be able to create one quick enough to go out for December, so I will give myself a little more time and create one to be sent out beginning in January.

10. Email e-courses/webinars: I will take at least 2 of the email e-courses or webinars that are in my inbox.  They can also help give me ideas of what to send to my subscribers in between new posts.

There you have it.  My goals for December.  I feel that I will have more time this month because my grad classes will end mid-December and not start again until January.  This will give me more free time to focus without having the pull of homework.  This will be super helpful!

What are your goals for December?  Do you have any advice for the goals I have set up for myself?

15 Blogging Goals for November

15 Blogging Goals for November

So…..I’ve been AWOL for the past couple of weeks.  I had finals for my first semester of grad classes, which I had to get done a week early because we planned our family vacation during finals week, which was totally inadvertent, we planned the vacation before I started back to school, luckily I take my classes online, so I didn’t need to beg the professors for any special treatment.

Things were a little crazy there for a while, but now that finals are over, I’m settling into my second semester and vacation is over, so I’m ready to dive back in to Little Miss List Maker mode and deliver my goals I’ve set for myself for November.

These are things I know I need to work on in my blog and I think that by staying diligent, I can achieve these goals.  Some of these goals my seem totally obvious or small, but since this is my first real blog goal list, I want to keep it in the realm of reality so as not to get discouraged.

These 15 goals and how I plan to achieve them will give me a clear outline of what I need to accomplish and will help me to figure out what works and what doesn’t, which will help me when I create my goals for December.

Feel free to join me and use these goals as an outline for your blog if you think that they will help you.  I will post at the end of November to show where I’ve landed.


Create 1 post a week

Obviously creating new posts and being consistent is a great way to improve page views and gain subscribers, however, I currently am not doing this on a regular basis, so that is why it is goal number one.

Create 2 freebies for the month

Freebies are a great way to get subscribers.  I need to draw people in, I have only created 2 freebies in the 3 months I have been blogging and I am wanting to get more consistent with this as well.

Increase page views by 5000

Currently I am at 1572, I am hoping that once I start to post and create some freebies on a regular basis, this will be the result.

Utilize CoSchedule

This is a great tool and yet I never seem to use it, at least not properly.  I love being organized, but at the same time, when a blog post comes to me, I just have to get it all down right then and there, and end up forgetting steps I need to take or spend way too much time on certain aspects, like creating the graphics or title.  If I were to actually use this tool for its purpose, I can schedule out each task in order to complete blog posts in a timely manner and not be so disorganized about it.

Create new emails for current subscribers

I currently use MailChimp for my emailing needs.  However, I am a little intimidated by the whole process.  I know there are some great “How To’s” on what types of emails to send and step by step instructions on Pinterest for using MailChimp, but I still keep putting it off.  Not anymore….

Increase subscribers by 100

My current number is 18.  I know, I know, very small…that is why it is on this list.  I am hoping this will go hand in hand with creating posts and content.

Improve SEO on old blog posts

I haven’t been utilizing SEO properly on my old posts.  It was something I never really paid attention to, I know, stupid…This is why it is on the list!

Each Monday, plan all social media posts and schedule through Buffer

If I set a certain day to plan all my social media posts and do it all at once, I know that it will be more likely to be done.  As of now, I only schedule my social media posts around my new blog posts and that is not a successful plan.  So for November, I will try it this way!

Gain 300 new followers each on Instagram and Twitter

As of now I have 356 Instagram followers and 331 Twitter followers.  I am wanting to be over 600 on both platforms by the end of the month.  That may seem like a very small goal to those who set their sights on being over 1k followers, but for me, this seems more realistic at this time.  This will go with the previous goal.  Posting and engaging on a regular basis will help me to gain new followers.

Each Monday, fill Boardbooster for the week

Just like filling my Buffer queue, I am wanting to spend a certain amount of time filling my queue in Boardbooster as well.  Boardbooster is another great tool for Pinterest that will allow me to schedule pins to be distributed throughout the day without having to spend all my time pinning.  I can get lost on Pinterest and not accomplish anything else, so this will be a major time saver for me.

Join 15 more Pinterest Group Boards

I am only a part of 4 Pinterest group boards, but I have plenty of lists for Pinterest Group Boards to join and I just need to email the owners to be added to their groups.  I haven’t taken the time to do this and it will be a huge asset.

Gain 100 new Pinterest followers

Current number of followers is 140.  Once I can get my pins seen more frequently by utilizing Boardbooster and posting in group boards, I am hoping to gain more followers.

Post in a minimum of 5 Facebook Groups daily

There are days I go crazy and post in a lot of different boards then spend my entire evening reciprocating and then some days I don’t post at all, if I can create a plan on where and when I post on the group boards, I can better utilize my time.

Gain 100 new Facebook Page Likes

Currently my Little Miss List Maker Facebook page has 62 likes.  I tend to promote my other social media platforms and not focus too much on my Facebook page, so I am planning on changing that this month.

 Utilize those email courses

I have signed up for almost every free email course I have come across, my email is full of courses on increasing traffic, freelancing, improving SEO, improving social media marketing, etc. There are also a couple that I have paid for and not taken.  I am going to choose one email course a week to start.  It may take me a year to get through them all, but I am on a mission!


There you have it, my goals for November.  By creating this post, I feel that it will hold me accountable so that I actually stick to this plan.  It may seem like a lot to cram into one month, but I think a lot of these goals go hand in hand and the work can be grouped together.


I would love to hear some of your goals and also if you have any advise for me on achieving these goals!

Wish me luck!




25 Quotes To Encourage Your Child

25 Quotes To Encourage Your Child

25 Quotes to Encourage Your Child.

Encouraging your child is one of the best things your can do.  The children are our future….not to quote a cheesy 80’s song or anything…. There always seems to be a perfect quote for every situation.

Sometimes you come across a quote in a book or online that says exactly what you’re thinking.

When we encourage our children to succeed, we are letting them know that working hard will pay off and setting goals and following dreams can help them get to where they want to go.  Here are some of my favorite words of encouragement:

What are your favorite quotes of encouragement that help you persevere when things get rough?

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