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15 Blogging Goals For November: Results

15 Blogging Goals For November: Results

Now that November has come to a close, I thought I would give you guys an update on how I did with my 15 Blogging Goals I set for myself for November.   I created the post to help me be accountable for my success or lack thereof, in my blogging journey this month.  I am happy with my goal results, even though I am sure they could have been better.  My results show me that I put forth the effort and that there is something to show for that.  Who wouldn’t be happy about that?


Here is a quick recap of what my 15 blogging goals were for November and the results:

  1. Create one post a week: Win and fail; I didn’t post once a week, but every 8-10 days, and I continued to promote posts daily in social media.
  2. Create two freebies for the month: Fail; I only created 1 in the Twitter Chat post.
  3. Increase page views by 5000: Fail, I have only gotten just over half, 2545 views, which is still the most I’ve ever had, so I’m happy.
  4. Utilize CoSchedule: Win; I did plan out my posts, even if I didn’t get them in on time.  I also utilized the social media posting on this site as well.
  5. Create new emails for current subscribers: Fail; I still haven’t done this.  Gaining subscribers will be the primary focus for December.
  6. Increase subscribers by 100: Fail; only increase to 35.  Hopefully, I can continue to increase this in December.
  7. Improve SEO on old blog posts: Win; I did improve the SEO on all my old blog posts and also created meta tags.  Yea Me!
  8. Each Monday, plan all social media posts and schedule through Buffer: Win; I filled Buffer every chance I got, there were some lapses, but for the most part, my social media posts were consistent.
  9. Gain 300 new followers each on Instagram and Twitter: Fail; I was at 356 Instagram and 331 Twitter followers a month ago, as of today I now have 600 Instagram and 520 Twitter followers.  It’s hard when people keep following/unfollowing, but what can you do.
  10. Each Monday, fill Boardbooster for the week: Win; my Boardbooster was so full that first Monday in November, that I haven’t added anything to it and it is still posting.  I also signed back up for Tailwind because I like their analytics.
  11. Join 15 more Pinterest Group Boards: Fail; I emailed 15-20 board owners, but a lot of them never responded.  I did get on to 5 more, so I am part of 9 groups total now.
  12. Gain 100 new Pinterest followers: Win; I started the month at 140 but have increased that to 425.  Woo Hoo!!!
  13. Post in a minimum of 5 Facebook Groups daily: Win; I was able to do this, I did, however, take the weekends off.
  14. Gain 100 new Facebook Page Likes: Win; I started with 62 likes on my page, but that has increased to 278.
  15. Utilize those email courses: Win; I got through at least one course or webinar a week.  I can’t wait to start others in my inbox.


Overall I accomplished 8-9 out of my 15 goals.

It’s not stellar, but at least some of these goals are complete.  I know that looking back at these goals I didn’t accomplish as much as I had hoped.  Upon reading the comments on my 15 Blogging Goals for November post, some people pointed out that 15 goals in one month was a little lofty and possibly insane, and I can’t say they are wrong.

I also didn’t anticipate everything that would happen this month that would take my focus away from blogging.  There was a death in my family, mid-terms, and of course Thanksgiving.  Even with all that, I did try, which is more than I would have done if I hadn’t had this post to keep me accountable.

There were so many times I wanted just to say F it and not stress myself out about this blog.  I mean, it is MY blog and I can either post or not, it is entirely up to me.  Then, I would get an idea for a post, and I would get so excited.   I would have so much fun researching and writing my posts.  To me, that means that this is something that I am supposed to do.

I did what I could, and have to say that I am proud, even if I didn’t get it all 15 blogging goals accomplished.

Tips and Tricks for Twitter Chats

Tips and Tricks for Twitter Chats

Tips and Tricks for Twitter Chats

I love all the aspects of blogging.  This new world that blogging has opened me up to is so fascinating, and I love learning everything that it has to offer me.  Case and point, Twitter Chats.  As someone who has been solely focusing on Facebook Groups to network and gain advice from fellow bloggers, I was pleasantly surprised to learn about these chats are also very helpful for that as well.

If you are curious about Twitter Chats, I offer up my Tips and Tricks to Twitter Chats to help you branch out and try something new!img_3772

  • Twitter Chats, also called Twitter Parties are chats that are held on certain days at certain times typically weekly, some are biweekly or even monthly.   Take a look at the chats on this chart to see the days and times of Twitter Chats.  These are specific chats for bloggers.
  • To participate in the chat, make sure you are using the corresponding hashtag so that your replies are visible to others in the chat.
  • To make a great first impression, I suggest that you head over to Canva and create a Twitter card.  This card should include your blog name, picture, and link to your site.  It will be similar to handing out a business card that you would Tweet once you join the chat.  This will get people to notice you and what your business is. It also gives people the opportunity to visit your blog.
  • Twitter chats are NOT designed for self-promotion, but to gain knowledge and meet others who can help you and offer support or vice versa.  However, most chats will allow links at the end of the chat.
  • If you choose to join in on the conversation, that is awesome, but make sure that your replies say something.  Create meaningful responses that offer something to the conversation.
  • Twitter chats are fast paced, you may be re-tweeting or commenting more than usual.  You may want to give your followers a heads up.  This is just a courtesy before starting your chat so your followers are aware that you may have a lot of new activity in your feed. It also lets your followers know about the chat, in case they want to join in too.
  • Be polite, these chats are not for negative comments or judgment.  Please use common courtesy.  Think of it as a business meeting or networking event.
  • Ensure that if you are targeting your conversation to a certain someone, in particular, include their @twitterhandle, so they know you are responding to them.
  • Use a period character (.) in front of someone’s @twitterhandle so that your mentions will show up on all feeds instead of just the person you are referring.  (Example: instead of @littlemisslistmaker, you would put .@littlemisslistmaker)
  • The host of the Twitter Chat will throw out topics to keep the chat moving in the right direction and will create questions with Q1, Q2, Q3 markings and you can answer with “A” and the corresponding number of the question, A1, A2, or A3.
  • If you can’t make a chat, you can go back a read the transcript.  You could also do this even if you were in the chat so that you can refer back to.  This will include tips and be able to contact those you interacted with in the chat.
  • Use the right tool.  There are a host of tools to join to find and join chats.  Your regular Twitter app won’t be able to refresh fast enough to keep up with the pace of the chat.  Check in to TweetDeck or Hootsuite, both are free.

Well, there you have it, my tips and tricks to Twitter Chats.  There are a ton of chats out there for all types of blogs, lifestyle, fashion, food, religion, parenting, etc.  There are also many different chats for marketing, social media, advice for new bloggers, affiliations, etc.  You can just search on TweetDeck to find the right ones for you.  Look at past transcripts to see if the content is what you are looking for.  Good luck!

Please comment below of any Twitter Chats that may prove beneficial for me and others!

10 Great Blogs for Free Printables, Ecourses, and Webinars

10 Great Blogs for Free Printables, Ecourses, and Webinars

10 Great Blogs for free printables, e-courses, webinars and other resources to help you improve your blog…..

Did you say free????

I love free stuff, I mean, who doesn’t?! I am continually subscribing to fellow bloggers, joining email courses and downloading freebies. My inbox is filled to the gills with every possible guide, worksheet, checklist, email course, and webinar I could ever need to improve my blog and make it successful. The problem is, I have signed up for so many, that I haven’t had a chance even to look through half of them.

Last weekend I managed to sort everything into folders at least and then a couple of days later when I decided to start going through those folders, my inbox was packed again. At this point, I just want to select all and delete, but I know there is way too much valuable information to every just discard it all.

I created a list of goals for myself for this month to improve my blog. I think that the best way to do that is to dive into my sea of information that is my inbox and dig through it all to find the gold. I have written down the best blog sites in my inbox to provide me with all the information I could ever need to improve my blog.

I am providing this list to you guys so that you can go through it and see if any of these sources will work for you. These blogs offer a ton of free printables, e-courses, and will constantly be updating you about free webinars. All of this information is important, and you should take advantage of the wisdom of these fellow bloggers to grab some of that success for yourself!


  1. Uncork Your Dork – Terra Dawn

  • I love this blog! There are so many 30 day challenges, and ever since I first started seeing them a couple of months ago, I have signed up for every one of them. The ones in my inbox are Talk Wordy To Me, 31 Days of Digital Downloads and S.E.O.M G just started a few days ago and I am signed up for that as well. I know that I don’t have the time to complete each challenge right now, but they are saved in my inbox so I can go back and refer to them when I can.
  • On Terra’s blog itself, there are plenty more resources and helpful posts to improve your blog and gain success. It is one to check out, and while some of these challenges are over, they will come around again, not to mention there are more challenges to come.

2. Melyssa Griffin

  • She is a genius! I did pay for her Pinterest class bundle which included a couple of e-courses and printables, but when you sign up on her site, there are plenty of free checklists, workbooks, ebooks and not to mention some free webinars that she emails out! There is just so much helpful information that I can’t wait to start working on it.

3.Trunked Creative

  • On this site, I signed up for the Content Empire Academy, which is free, and it includes downloads and e-courses which are super helpful in building Facebook groups and improving content. I haven’t been able to spend too much time perusing this site, but the emails I have gotten so far are extremely helpful and fun to read.

4.Caitlin Bacher

  • She is the guru when it comes to Facebook Groups. Her blog posts are full of useful information, not to mention the checklists and workbooks she has available on her site which can help with Facebook Groups and Instagram. I also love her emails! She has a great presence in her emails that make me want to open them as soon as they hit my inbox. I have not bitten the bullet to purchase her Fab Facebook Groups course, but I just don’t think I am ready to take that on yet when I haven’t even tackled the free courses.

5. Addi Ganley

  • She has a lot of great information on her blog regarding affiliate income and marketing. Her Affiliate Blueprint e-course is free as well as printables in her resources library.

6. Wonderlass

  • Allison has a ton of information on her blog. I love clicking through and seeing everything that she has to offer. Free courses, resource library, workshops, stock photos, etc. Her sense of humor is so infectious and makes it feel like every reader of her blog is her best friend.

7. Naptime Hustle

  • I love this site and her Facebook Group. Naptime Nation was probably the first Facebook Group I have joined, and I love participating in her daily posts. She has a ton of information regarding Instagram, Pinterest, Starting and blog, and other social media tips. Not to mention, as I was visiting her site to create my blog post, I saw her 7 Days to a Better Blog e-course and signed up. I think I have a problem.

8. Twins Mommy – Elna Caine

  • Elna has a bunch of great blogs regarding being more productive and driving traffic to your blog. She has a fantastic free resource library as well.

9. Allison Lindstrom

  • Allison has a ton of information on creating blog posts and making it profitable. She has workbooks, e-courses, and webinars. Super useful blog for new and veteran bloggers alike!

10. Women Winning Online

  • This blog is all about empowering women to find their tribe online.  The posts are so informative and helpful, working in a time frame that I can handle, like improving your blog in 7 minutes a day.  I mean, who doesn’t have time for that?!

These are 10 badass women who are here to help in all aspects of your blogging needs to help other succeed.  That rocks!  I know that there are a ton more out there, these are just ones that have made the biggest impact for me at this point in my blogging journey.  I have subscribed to a ton of other fellow bloggers and I love the information that they can provide.

If you have a great source for me, please drop a link below so I can check it out!

5 Tips For Facebook Groups

5 Tips For Facebook Groups

I joined my first Facebook group a little over a month ago, and since then my traffic on my blog has gone up 1000x, I’ve increased my Instagram followers from 12 to 367, I’ve increased my Twitter followers from 20 to 269.

This may not seem like a lot to those who have thousands of followers and page views, but as someone just starting out, this was amazing to me.  Now keep in mind, this was all purely promoting in my first few Facebook Groups, nowhere else.  Since then I have joined a lot more groups.  I love these groups!

However, I did have to learn the ropes, and I was booted from 1 or 2 groups because I hadn’t read the rules or I had gotten in over my head and was remiss on something.

So I’m here to share with you 5 tips for excelling in Facebook groups.  I am by no means an expert, but I have learned quite a bit, and for this, I’ve seen progress, so I’m happy.

1.Read the group rules:

I can’t stress how important this is!  Each group has their set of rules and are typically on the right side of the screen under “description.”  Please read over them, if possible, read over them before you request to join the group so that you know what the group entails and can know if you have the time to devote to it.

2.  Don’t post anything without planning on reciprocating:

Some groups are like for like, which means that when you post your share, you have to like every share that is posted and everyone will like yours.  This takes time to complete.  There have been some nights that I have spent a couple of hours just reciprocating likes, comments, and shares.  If you don’t have the time to do this, then don’t post anything yourself.  A. its rude and B. it will get you kicked out of that group.

Some groups only require that you check out a few others after you post your share, this is just common courtesy.  Don’t just drop your link and run.  Some groups frown on this and will kick you out of the group if they see this happen enough times.

3.  Make a list of your posts:

I am a part of a lot of groups, and it can be hard to remember where I’ve posted and what I’ve posted.  So I’ve also included a Facebook Group Post Tracker.  This nifty little spreadsheet will help you keep track of where you’ve posted and when.  You should also write down what the reciprocation rules are so you can complete those too, in case you can’t do it all in one sitting.

4. Post several different promos:

Since I am in so many groups, I can bet that there are a lot of the same people in the same groups that I am in, so when I have 10 blog post promo threads that I can share to, I have recently started to share several posts split up over those threads.  This way, I am not missing out on traffic because someone already visited my site from another promo thread.

For instance, I will do my “5 Times I Learned To Be a Kid With My Kid” post in 3 or 4 groups, then I do “5 Reason Why Your Child Should Set Goals” post in another 3 or 4 groups.  I also do the same with my Instagram, Twitter, Pins, and Facebook posts promo threads.  This way I can still get the traffic I want without having people skip over because the same post is in all the threads across the board.

5. Take time to thank all those who support you:

There are those group threads where they are like for like, but there are also threads that just require you check out promos that interest you.  If someone likes your post or replies that they have shared or commented on it, take the time to reply to their comment and like it. This is common courtesy.  It shows that you’ve acknowledged that they took the time to view your post, shared it and that you appreciate it.

Facebook Groups can be extremely beneficial when utilized correctly.  You can’t just expect to promote your post and be done.  There is reciprocation, there is interaction and being able to answer each others’ questions.  It is a group; you are part of a team.  Just remember that.  They are there to support you and help you out, the least you can do is fully participate.

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What are some Facebook Groups that you would recommend?